About Us

1) Cassigned to be the fourth estate in the world of promulgation, casting, exhibiting news to be propogated in the world, News through collocution, any kind of business, incident and for the works of life, to awakens the mob on national level and the corruption, easement which arose in the fourth estate, may strain after to bring awareness amongst the people with thoughts, contemplations, reading, estimations etc.

2) In this world every person has a right of manifestation, but due to lack of alertness, generally multitudinous people are unable to manifest the selves, for those people. Khabar Bharti work as drastic institute, organization, rostrum and will aware them with technical know-how, so that any person can join with any part of worlds fourth estate and can be capable to reveal and broadcast his manifestation.

3) The Khabar Bharti members, who are busy in the cassigned to be the fourth estate of promulgation, casting and every part of the propogation world, who working as honorary or salariat, editor, advisor, colloborators etc., and in any kind of malpractice, persecution, misconduct, unnecessary superfluous, killing of their rights, then the cassigned to be the fourth estate oppose the same on National and International Level, by attributing them to endurable or optional awareness and support with its each part and every media etc., to that afflicted person or group with judicial, social, procticle, professional, political, national, spritual, cultural and constitutional etc.

4) Through any person, group or Institution etc., if their is any criticism, antagonism or objection will arose for any promulgation, propogation of news material of any person, group or Institution linked with Khabar Bharti then the Khabar Bharti will not be responssible for those propogations, promulgation or any propogated material.

5) The future object of the Khabar Bharti is to perform the dilatative work of news paper, magazine, social magazine, correlated books, propogation, pomulgation and electro transmission world etc., including to set-up the venture, business, institutions etc., and to exchange the co-operation of other ventures, institutions, establishments etc., to establish by institution and to make the partner or to be the partner etc., on National and International Level for collocution, news, talks, etc.

6) For the extension of Khabar Bharti organization it can provide the letter of Introduction only after investigation on National and International level indvidually to a clear character and stagnant person. If in future the holder of ‘Letter of Intrduction’ indulges in any kind of illegal, unsocial, unconstitutional etc., activities and if it comes to the knowledge of institution then the president of the State shall have full rights of eliminate such person and for such illegal and unsocial activities the person shall be solely responssible in other words the organization will not be responssible for such person and under this circumstances the organization have full right to forfeit the amount whatsoever deposited by those person.

7) The main object of the institution is that, if any person indulged in differences, tens, violence, friction, disunionism, militancy, terrorism etc., sordid deteriorations and even if it is group, institution in religious, social, political, commercial etc., National or International even then the vocal evulgate to each degeneration, sublty for welfare of the Nation.

8) Basically the khabar bharti Institution is an organization of Indian residents on the level of National and International for the welfare of Nation and Security and its respect, the defects found of discrepencies, accessories, Subtally or Collosally in Indian secularism, culture, socially, commercial, political, industrial etc., by which the basic Indian citizens rights are killed and the hard-persecution on their rights, oppose to that and for the respect of national citizen deliberations of national security, if necessary, in that circumstance elevate from criterion of promulgation and propogation media and to assume the nationalism as supereme and to do all the probabilities for it